Powerrrrr! The PixelHK Battery Pack TD-382


Powerrrrr! The PixelHK Battery Pack TD-382

I have been looking for external battery packs for my SB900′s for a while now and I think I have finally found a solution that is not only practical but a cost effective alternative to the Nikon SD9 Battery Pack.

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(In the interests of full disclosure and all that! I bought the battery pack as normal customer and have no affiliation with PixelHK.)

I have been eyeing up the Nikon SD-9 external battery pack for a while now but at $200 its a little bit on the expensive side for my liking because if you buy from the US, your going to pay import duty and if you buy from the UK the price is roughly the same except in pounds. Quite frankly I would rather put the money towards another Nikon SB900 and just lots of use 4 X AA batteries.

However whilst looking for various TTL cords (Thats another post). I came across a 3rd party battery pack that was a contender on price and also the reputation of the seller. But, since speaking with the ever resourceful @michael_sewell I changed my mind.

I had mentioned to Michael about my hunt for an external battery pack and he then pointed me towards a Strobist’s favourite PixelHK who are a pretty new kid on the block for all things wireless and flash orientated. So with a little more research under my belt I purchased the PixelHK Battery Pack TD-382 from their eBay Sellers page for $56.80 inc P&P.

The pack I purchased is purely for the SB900 but they do versions for nearly all Nikon Strobes that can take an external battery pack and also the same goes for Canon. So click the link above and see if they do one for your model of flash.

Now, down to the nitty gritty. The pack arrived the other day and I have to say I was pretty blown away by the build quality which is excellent. I had expected for the price to have to compromise somewhere down the line, but no.

Even the little case that comes with the pack is made to a very high standard and long may it continue. The pack holds 2 sets of 4 x AA’s and there are indicators lights at the top of the pack to show which set of batteries is charging and has a built in thermal cut-out. You also need a set of baatteries in the flashgun as well for the control panel LCD etc, but when it comes to actual power usage, its coming directly from the battery pack and the recycle rate is top notch!

I can get a 2 to 3 shot burst on full power before there is any recycle time lag and even at that it is only a second or so. This is more than fast enough for me as I mainly run my strobes at 1/4 or 1/2 power most of the time.

The whole unit is easy to load with batteries and also very easy to use and you will see it in action very soon when the studio is completed. I am so pleased with my purchase I will be going back for another pack for my other SB900 and as I add more flash power to my kit, I too will be adding the PixelHK Battery Packs TD-382 for each new flashgun.

Great value for money, great build quality, works perfectly and it will allow me to always get the shot and prolong shooting with my small strobes.

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