Picture Package with Smart Objects


Picture Package with Smart Objects

When Adobe launched Photoshop CS4 they decided to retire the automated picture package plugin. If you miss it? you can still download it and install it manually into Photoshop CS4 or CS5. But why bother when you can easily create your own picture package combination using smart objects. Get the popcorn out its a biggie!

Picture Packaging with a Twist

There are different picture package combinations that I like to use for both clients and family. One of these is a 2 x (7×5) package that fits nicely into a 10×7 or 10×8 inch print. The thing is, you tend to find a lot of labs charge the same for both print sizes. So rather than cropping to 10×7 inches.

Why not use the extra 1×5 inch space on a 10×8 inch print for a little self promotion. This gives the recipient the option of keeping the extra element or cutting it off for fitting into a frame or family album. In the screencast I have gone for a “with compliments” option. but you could go with a new address, website, even happy birthday! whatever suits you…


In this screencast I will show a really quick way to laying out guides for the picture package and also swap out the images using smart objects. Once you have created the package you can drag n drop it directly from the new mini bridge into Photoshop ready to replace the contents within a couple of clicks.

Alternate 7x5 Package

Quick Tip for CS5 Users

If you are using the new drag n drop feature available in Photoshop CS5 then you will want to make sure you have the “Place or Drag Raster Images as Smart Objects” ticked. You can open the Photoshop CS5 preferences dialog by using the following keyboard shortcut; Cmd+K (MAC) or Ctrl+K (PC).

general preferences

(Click Screenshot below for large view)

You will note that I use the LPS Power Panel during this screencast. Well you can download the Free LPS Actions and if you want the ease of use that the power panel offers. Its available for Photoshop CS4 & CS5 users for just £4.99

Premium Members

We have got a bit of treat for you this week, because creating a picture package with smart objects is a prime candidate for an action. In the exclusive video for premium members, I show you how to create a 2 x (7×5) picture into an automated action. This will save you that time on the computer, which means you have extra time to get out shooting with your camera.

  • Creating a Picture Package Action in HD 720p
  • Picture Package with Smart Objects in HD 720p
  • 2 x (7×5) Action
  • Example 2 x (7×5) PSD

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