Adobe Launches Photoshop CS5


Adobe Launches Photoshop CS5

I just pre-ordered my copy of Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. It’s £192.83 for the boxed upgrade including tax and shipping, which they say will be delivered around Friday 30th April. Be aware that currently the link to upgrade to the Extended version is identical to the normal upgrade. I have contacted Adobe about this…

Well I think we can safely say this is a Photographers update and this is the first time that Adobe have hyped up a product launch and I guess its because its the 20th year of Photoshop, either that or they got a new advertising and marketing company that knows what its doing…

So taking a leaf out of Apple’s book, we are going to be getting a month’s worth of videos and hype around all things Adobe. I am already hearing that Premiere Pro and After Effects are getting amazing write ups online. If you skipped CS4 then you are really going to want to get CS5. Not getting will effect the quality of your images… How’s that for a statement.

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Automatic Lens Correction

You can now quickly and easily remove both barrel, pincushion distortion and also vignetting which will please users of Nikon’s 70-200 F2.8 VR Mk1. This automates something that had to be done previously by hand and Adobe have also added in the ability to share settings online so that its users can eventually populate all lenses with correction settings.

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Adobe took a pounding for not producing a better HDR suite in CS4 and they got beaten to the line by the guys at Photomatix. However, they seem to have got their act together and come back with an even more powerful HDR module which I believe is called HDR Pro.

If this gets close to Photomatix Pro, then they could see a dramatic downturn in business and I would not be surprised if this feature is shoe-horned into Elements 9 as well just to make sure that any and all competition is blown out of the water.

Content Aware Fill

Now if you haven’t seen the demo’s floating about the web. This is going to be a powerful new feature but also a controversial one because of what it might potentially do in terms of removing copyright stamps and digital watermarks etc… I don’t think its a gimmick by any means though and in my view a welcome edition.

Update – Ok, I have had a few days to check this feature out and I don’t think its as good as Adobe are letting on. Don’t get me wrong compared to the alternatives of cloning, healing, selecting, copying, and pasting, its a huge improvement. But I have watched  Katrin Eismann, Terry White, Dave Cross and Julieann Kost demonstrate this new ground breaking feature and the only person to struggle was Dave Cross.

Why? Well he used a shot of a building and the content aware fill did not like the repeating patterns that much, which does not surprise me because Photoshop has always struggled with this issue. I am not saying Dave did not know what he was doing, far from it. But what you got was a more real world demo which was refreshing in the fact that it was not as perfect as first made out by the other Adobe Evangelists.

Content Aware Healing

Update – The spot healing brush now contains the same content aware fill feature and this is where I think its going to have more long term appeal. I think being able to fine tune small areas at a time with a brush will suit this technology much better than just doing larger selections and asking Photoshop to replace large chunks of image data.

In conclusion content aware fill will be good for non-linear items found in nature where there is very little repeating patterns. So grass, stone, sand, water, cloud, dense foliage, skies, will all work much better than things like bricks, tiles, stained glass, man-made patterns etc…

Other Features

There will be 64-bit support for the MAC version and I would think we can see up dates for Refine Edge (See Below), Brushes, Camera RAW and whole host of minor tweaks that have not even mentioned. Thats all for now… I will update more later on tonight once the launch has started and link in to both NAPP and Adobe Tv as it happens.

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