A Little Photoshop Live – Sunday 20th 6pm GMT – Lightroom 3


A Little Photoshop Live – Sunday 20th 6pm GMT – Lightroom 3

On Sunday 20th June at 6pm GMT I am going to be doing my first ever live screencast and I thought saying as Adobe have just released Lightroom 3 that would the perfect topic for this inaugural event. What would you like to learn? Submit a question after the jump and find out how you can watch the free screencast!

Lightroom 3

A Little Photoshop Live

Lightroom 3 is the umbrella topic for this live screencast but I want to drill down into the workflow side of things. So this is your chance to ask a question and suggest what I cover in the two demos for the live screencast. There are so many new and familiar features in Lightroom 3 that you are really spoilt for choice.

Now I put a message up on Facebook a week or so ago asking when it was a good time to do a live screencast and even though I got a mixed response about times. I worked out that early evening at the weekend is a good starting point.

Do you want to know about Importing? Asset Management? Noise Reduction? Image Processing? Slideshows? Printing? Editing? Post a question or suggest a one of the demo’s in the comments and on Friday I will announce which two topics will be demonstrated on Sunday.

Event Schedule

Friday 18th – I will post the demo topics.

Saturday 19th – Join me a for a live rehearsal at 10am.

Sunday 20th – Live Screencast

– 6pm to 6.15pm – Demo One – 2003 Vs 2010 Image Processing
– 6.15pm to 6.30pm – Q&A
– 6.30pm to 6.45pm – Demo Two – Noise Reduction
– 6.45pm to 7pm – Q&A

Be warned, I will probably blow the schedule apart because if you have seen me do a demo live? I like to give my audience “One More Thing…” and I am notorious for over running!


I will apologise now if there is a football game on at the time of broadcast. This maybe my downfall and nobody will turn up! But if you are going to drop by, then I look forward to chatting with you via twitter. So make sure you have a twitter account and are following me.


If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask them below and I will do my best to answer them. If the event is supported and it works. Then I will probably make it a regular thing on the calendar!

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